4 Ways to Reduce Environmental Impact of Your Business


Businesses in 2016 are more challenged in terms of environmental sustainability issues than ever. Paper industry is no exception to growing concerns with the soaring numbers of deforestation rate. A large number of paper catalogs are published every year in response to marketing demands of businesses and the need to create visibility among customers through glossy colorful prints.

The large scale consumption of paper and related natural resources has raised alarms among environmental protection groups as well as several publishing companies who wish to reduce their impact on environmental degradation. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, paper products consume more than 40% of the overall industrial wood that is traded globally.

If you have a business that relies excessively on catalogs and published print material, these environmental issues become a responsibility and a source of future problems for your business. The paper consumption contributes to illegal deforestation, social issues as well as unplanned and irresponsible plantation.

Ways You Can Reduce Paper Consumption

Here are some of the most compelling solution you can implement to your business and reduce its environmental impact


Think Before You Ink !

A good measure to reduce paper consumption is to ask yourself these questions before printing anything

  • Do I really need to print this?
  • Have I proofread the final document?
  • Can this be viewed in another medium other than print?

Ink It Twice !

Your paper consumption can be reduced dramatically by incorporating a policy in the organization of printing on both sides of the paper. Ask yourself can this be printed on both sides of the paper? This not only reduces printing costs but also reduces postage and publishing costs for the business.

Go Paperless!

An amazing solution for businesses that wish to reduce paper consumption is to go digital and explore alternative publishing mediums. Electronic mediums provide vast publishing solutions and also give the publisher more flexibility by being their own publisher. Platforms like EveryCatalog allow the publisher to create their own catalogs and develop a wider market reach by publishing and sharing their catalogs through a mobile app for customers.

Change Your Work Environment

Reducing paper consumption requires planned efforts on an organizational level. The most effective measure are obtained with support from the staff and the urge to change practices.

  • Write a paper reduction policy and email it to staff
  • Email information about paper reduction or post it around the office and at print stations
  • Launch a “no print” month campaign to see how much your organization can cut paper consumption in one month.
  • You may also consider a “no print” day by temporarily removing paper recycling bins and challenging employees
  • Recognize employees who are doing a particularly good job at paper reduction or have come up with innovative techniques


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