How to Make the Most of Your Catalogs


Digital media marketing is an exciting avenue for marketers. Many growing businesses choose the option to sell online for the benefits of greater reach. Digital marketing and online selling however is not free of challenges. The greater is the reach of online sellers and competitors, the harder it is to turn the visiting customers into real buyers. On top of all these challenges, every business wants to turn a one-time shopper into a repeat customer and that requires the business to be exceptionally good at exhibiting their product and making it easier for users to go through the purchase process.

Our goal at EveryCatalog is to help every business overcome the difficulties of online marketing and benefit from their own free mobile app equipped with the ability of interaction with stunning digital catalogs. The platform is designed to allow users to create powerful applications and there is nothing that gives us greater satisfaction than helping users materialize the goals and gain real customers through our platform.

EveryCatalog is more than just a mobile app with Online Digital Catalogs. There are multiple features of this platform that can help your brand maximize sales and reach customers anywhere in the world. Some of our users have done an amazing job at making their brands visible on smartphones through catalogs. Here are some of the thing you do can do with this platform to maximize the visual appeal and usability of your apps.

Use Your Best Visuals

Your aim as a brand should be to charm your users with visuals. The level of information and visual clutter available to modern internet users makes it highly demanding for businesses to differentiate themselves with the appealing visuals. Always use crisp and high quality images in your catalogs. The preferred image size is 960×780 with 72 Dpi. High quality images in other dimensions are also supported by the platform. Home Design is a perfect example of this.

Remember that visuals are your key to generating product interest in your user. Your goals should be to make the user stop and stare every time he come across an image associated with your catalogs.

Make the Most of Apps Features

A brand and seller should always consider the fact that customers have more product information today than ever. The best measure to deal with this challenge is by offering product that are separated by categories and defined for a particular customer segment. EveryCatalog allows an amazing option to its users through which they can differentiate their product and replicate the concept of a store by creating several different categories and publishing various catalogs within the categories.

Add A Once Click Purchase Option

The easier you make it for customers to reach you the easier it is to for customer to place an order. Visuals are a great trigger to stimulate the purchase process and a one click option can make the process easier. Your app created through EveryCatalog gives you an option to enable e-commerce feature. Your customer’s decision is made easier with this option to order online when a shopping cart is enabled.

Every brand strives for visibility and the best medium to be visible to your customers is to get into their smartphones. The final step to reaching the goal is owning the app as a brand spreading the usability features with all your customers.


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