6 Must Have Features in Your Brands App

ecat_blog_images_EMobile devices are a core tool to reach out customers and you can get enormously surprising results with the level of engagement customers develop with your brand if you have a distinguishing app. We have made a list of the must have features for a brand in its mobile with some examples of extraordinary designs.

Media Login- Good Reads

ecat_blog_images_BGood Reads allows the user to check out a brief, reviews and rating of a book shared by other users. The best feature of this app is the option for media login as it gives the user several choices like Facebook login, Amazon Login or an option to sign up with email. This makes the app flexible for the users and allows Google to collect a database of relevant emails.

Customization- Kitchen Stories

ecat_blog_images_ACustomization in your app gives the user option to make the app their own in many ways. Kitchen stories is one example of highly customizable apps as it gives the user option to filter relevant stories through several filter categories and also allows them to make their own cookbook and save the favorite recipes. Another major feature of the app is ability to customize language, notification and measurement systems for recipes.

A Stunning Design- Deco Actuelle

ecat_blog_images_DYour goal with the app should be to make it addictive and addictive apps always have great usability. A good user interface in your app will make the experience seamless for users making it easier for them to spend more time being engaged with the app. Great usability comes from great navigation, simplicity, stunning visuals and visible icons. Deco Actuelle is one example of such apps. The app features catalogs of magazines related to home design and the user experience is unmatchable from imagery to content and interface to simplicity.

Navigation- Instructables

ecat_blog_images_11Navigation distinguishes a great app from an average one. Instructables is one app that has sorted a large amount of data in its app and made it accessible via a great navigation menu. The app allows the user to use different tabs in the menu and select an option for viewing. The best feature is that the app has integrated categories into its menu for users to easily pick the kind of tutorials they want to see associated with a certain category.

Ecommerce- Fancy

ecat_blog_images_FEcommerce is one of the most vital features your brands app should have. You want your customers to be one step closer to the final purchase. Fancy has enabled ecommerce feature and right from the beginning the app entices you to make a purchase. The whole process is has an uninterrupted flow with a shopping cart integrated in the app and ability to track user’s location and login to ship the order.

Social Media Integration- Home Design

ecat_blog_images_EThe Home Design app is generated via EveryCatalog with the core purpose to display pictorial catalogs to the users. A prominent feature of apps created via EveryCatalog is the social media sharing option which allows user to view catalogs, pick and share any image on social media with sharing option integrated within the app. The user swipes through the pictures in catalogs and each one can be separately shared.

Learn more about how to create digital catalogs and a free mobile app in this post How to Make the Most of Your Catalogs.  

Bonus: Offline Capabilities and Push Notifications- EveryCatalog

Always remember that your brands app is built with the purpose to keep the customers engaged. It can be very frustrating for your customers to be unable to use the app  or access amazing content that you have created while offline. For a great user experience, your app should have offline capabilities and to keep the user updated and react to time sensitive marketing, you can always use the push notification feature and update them as soon as they are connected to a good signal.


Have some favorites in mind? Share with us your favorite features and apps in the comments.


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