Reasons Why You Should Choose Digital Catalogs for Your Business



Digital magazines are marketing tool that will define the success and reach of businesses in future. Physical catalog publishing has been around for a long time but lacks the benefits digital catalogs can provide to the users. We have summed up the reasons why you should move on to digital catalog publishing to grow your business. Here are a few reasons

Cost Saving

Every year, businesses spend a huge amount of their marketing expenditures on publishing and distribution of physical catalogs regardless of the fact that physical catalogs have a very limited response and engagement.

So here is what you should do to save your publishing costs. Move forward to digital publishing! Publishing your catalog content online with help of platforms like EveryCatalog can reduce your printing expenditure by massive volumes.


Imagine a copy of your physical catalog has reached a potential customer. What are the odds of your catalogs being shared by the customer with someone? Very little! As a business you want your customers to be sharing their favorite products in your catalog with other customers of similar interest. With a digitally published catalog, your catalog stays with the customer in his handheld device and can be shared on several mediums within seconds. Which means your products have a greater chance of being viewed and shared.

Relationship Building

Digitally published catalogs have an enormous benefit of engagement and quick response time. With electronic mediums responsible for catalog sharing, you are in a better position as a business to respond to your customers’ needs and develop a long lasting relationship.

Increase in Conversion Rate

Physical catalogs and digital catalogs have a major difference of interaction with the catalog. Printed ones require a long process for ordering the desired products where an e-commerce enabled catalog can get your customer to make an instant purchase. The time of making decision and placing the order is reduced making your customers more inclined to purchase the products.

Returning Visitors

The most common place that your physical catalog will end up in a house is the magazine rack. As a business you don’t want your customers to be distanced with the product. With digital catalogs on the other hand your catalogs moves with your customer and gives you higher number of returning customers.


Catalogs published with EveryCatalog can be viewed directly on your very own mobile app. Such options of share-ability with customers increase the reach of your catalogs.


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