Translating Visitors into Customers with Your Ecommerce App


A huge challenge for marketers in the current marketing landscape is to convert visitors into real customers of their brand. With an increasing number of eCommerce enabled apps marketers must realize the unique features of apps that translate the marketing goals into real purchase by the customer. Here is a list to help you know what makes an astounding e-commerce enabled app that can help you increase your customer base.

Simplicity in Design

Design is how you create the first image of your app in the users mind and you want to make an excellent one. The key to making great design when it comes to apps is to keep things simple and clean. A cleaner design is more likely to bring your customers at ease with the visual appeal of your app. Always use legible simple fonts and make sure to keep your design fresh.

A Great User Experience

Your customer’s behavior while using the app is highly dependent on the kind of user experience you create for them. As a marketer trying to get the customer to move form attention to interest and decision, you must create flawless navigation. It means that your customer using the app should be able to clearly shift between products and options in the app.

Streamline Your Checkout Process

As a marketer you want your customer to reach the checkout process as easily as possible. The key to doing this is to have a stable shopping cart mechanism integrated in the app with the option for customers to add multiple items to the cart and still be able to browse through the app for more items. The crucial feature to securing the customer is to add a secure payment system so that the customer lands into the final process without any hindrance.

Build Trust

Your ecommerce app is more like your sales person and should be able to build customer trust like a sales person would. A great way to do this is incorporate push notifications in your app so that as soon as the customer checks out, a notification confirms the order and payment status as a measure to reassure the customer.

Ensuring that your app gives a seamless experience to the customers, you can translate the visits into real customers.

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