Storytelling for Brands

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The number of bands and marketing information in today’s time requires brands to get creative with their marketing message. A very effective way to stay relevant and current among the marketing and advertising noise is to share your brand’s story. Storytelling is a very powerful way to breathe life into your brand and create a memorable image in the customers mind.Here are a few ways we have found to be very effective in storytelling for a brand.

Once Upon a Brand

A brand is a mixture of values and character. While telling the story of your brand, make sure to highlight the ‘once upon a time’ of your brand which means that you should focus on where the brand started to its heritage and move to the challenges and present identity. This is necessary because it’s easier for people to remember stories than to remember direct information associated with your brand.

Make It Personal

Good stories require the content to be relate-able hence for you as a brand it is very important to share the real struggles, personal challenges and measures to overcome these. Remember that your brand is an identity with a distinct personality. People relate themselves to good stories and a real authentic story will guarantee you a dedicated space in your consumer’s memory.

Build Strong Characters

Viewers fond of stories develop an inclination towards their favorite characters and it is important to build your stories around strong characters.  As a brand storyteller you can take this to another level and let the consumers be the characters. This makes your brands story more real, interactive and current. A great way to do this is to highlight your customers on social channels and send them personalized emails.

Go Visual

Storytelling with the modern communication channels is no longer limited to narrative and content. The most engaging stories are often the ones with visual content that has an ability to give more details to the story. You can use visuals to the advantage of your brand and share your story with visual catalogs that allow you to picture the brands story in a sequence of pictures.

Include Call to Action

Lastly, do not forget to relate your brands story to a goal. Your goal can be different for every story for you can increase traffic to the brands website, create more engagement from the users end, build the brands image and create a base of loyal customers. A good measure to relate these goals is to attach a Call to Action with your story so that the viewers has an option to move forward towards your goal.


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