7 Essential Reasons to Move Your Business into Ecommerce App Market



Ecommerce Apps vs. eCommerce on web has been a hot debate among marketers. The changing face of technology and the increasing use of mobile phone has led many website supporters of eCommerce feature to believe that they should adopt eCommerce apps as to reach the customer. We have summed up the essential reasons why your business should adopt the eCommerce apps trend and have app of its own.

Increasing Number of Retail App Users

Mobile screens are becoming first screens of choice among consumers when it comes to online buying. According to a study conducted by Retail Me Not, the average percentage of people who had one or more retail app in their phone is 39%. Retail businesses should get into the screens of the consumers by creating their own app.

Mobile Apps Encourage Social Sharing

The fact that modern consumers spend a huge amount of time with their mobile screen is a very clear indication for businesses that they need become a part of this lifestyle. With the mobile phones it is easier to share content with multiple channels available a click away.

Mobile Apps can Send Push Notifications

Mobile apps in comparison to web based eCommerce solutions are very interactive and have the ability to gain the consumers attention time to time. Web on the other hand requires other means to initiate contact of consumer with the website. Push notification feature in case of apps can be very convenient for retailers of update consumers with latest products and collections.

Accessibility of Apps is Easier than Physical Store

Mobile apps have eliminated the need for consumers to visit a physical store. With an eCommerce app your business gets the chance to reach the consumer that otherwise cannot reach your store.

Apps can be Accessed While Offline

A great advantage apps have to the credit is the ability to share content with consumers even while the consumer is offline. This feature against the web is a great way to stay connected with the consumer and build a long term recognition.

Additional Revenue Stream

Ecommerce apps are a new medium and certainly a new and additional source of gaining income. Owning an app means you practically eliminate all physical barriers a customer has if he wishes to use your products.

Increased Brand Recall

Apps stay in the consumers mind longer than a website. A consumer has to reach the website while the app reaches the consumer.

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