The Key Reason Why Mobile Commerce Apps Fail



Mobile commerce has become the key focus of most marketers and brands are spending more time improving the in-app experience for the customer. According to a survey by, smartphone’s share of mobile commerce transactions accounts now for 60% of all mobile transactions in US alone. The key goal of most retailers with their mobile commerce solution is to increase the conversion rate of consumers buying the product through the app.

The growth of mobile commerce seems promising but with the goal achievement, not everyone gets there. A large number of retailer fail to acquire the loyalty of returning customer. Google suggest that 26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use and 25% are never used. We have gathered in insight to why some retail apps fail to achieve the goal of higher conversion rates.

The Key Reason

You know with the start of your business that you will not go any farther than the start without knowing your customers and knowing your customers requires you to deeply commit yourself to develop and understanding of your target audience. The key reasons why many apps fail is the Lack of Personalization. It means that business fail to understand the persona of their customers and their app lack the ability to cater to the customer’s needs.

Mobile personalization is the key to app user’s retention. With more and more mobile apps coming to light, the best way to keep users engaged in your app is by showing them that you’re adding a real value to their lives, that your mobile app gives them something useful and appealing according to their needs and preferences.

Here is a breakdown of factors that can help you realize why your app lacks personalization.

You Don’t Know Your Users Demographics Details

A major factor in app personalization is knowing who your customers are and what their demographics characteristics are. Your app should be able to collect basic consumer data and should record the consumer demographics.

You Are Not Analyzing The Browsing Behavior

The browsing behavior of your consumer reveals what your consumer is searching for. This data is crucial to mobile commerce retailors and should help to create better product descriptions and product visibility within apps. Also, cookies from such data enable the app user to find related items in suggestion increasing the chance of growth in conversion rate.

You Are Not Sending Push Notifications on Peak Hours

Research suggests that mobile screens have become the first choice of experience and browsing and for marketers it’s the peak time to send push notification to entice consumer interest. It is crucial that the consumers are reached at the time they are free and show interest in browsing.



Targeting customer with personalized information ensures that your customers are not bombarded with irrelevant information and can help you build a personalized experience.

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