Impulse Buying For Mobile Shoppers!

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Are you planning to go for shopping this week? Does the idea of making long lists scare you or are you the kind of person who adds items to your cart randomly. You would find it fascinating that according to a survey 62 percent of millennials buy things on the spot and the main reason for shopping with smartphones is easy accessibility. Now shoppers can avoid brick and mortar shopping experience with the advantage of mobile apps. The visual experience brings shopping enjoyment converting these shoppers into impulse buyers.
Have a look at these Amazing insights about impulse mobile shoppers:
• The average order size of low spenders increased when mobile shopping (Wang, Malthouse and Krishnamurthi, 2015)
• Moth (2012) mentioned that the items that people love to impulsively shop for when mobile shopping include clothes 41% of mobile shoppers, followed by books (35%), music (32%) and fast food or takeaways (14%).
• These smart shoppers are motivated to add items impulsively in their online shopping carts with just a few clicks as they do not want to lose out on a good offer.
• Mobile commerce has improved shopping experience for consumers as now they can choose and shop for not only the brands they love but also discover new ones.
• Impulse buyers are image concerned and extroverts which make them more involved with the brands they buy. They pay attention to product reviews, discuss with their friends on social media when adding products to mobile shopping carts.

According to survey conducted by Nielsen the highest percentage of mobile shoppers exist in Asia Pacific as shown in the figure below.qqq

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