Increase Mobile App Engagement


Do you start your day with a mobile app? Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives as most of us start our day with a mobile app. There are a million apps that consumers use but few apps always stay at the top of mind. A study published by Commuware says that more than 80% of customers prefer mobile apps to traditional websites. Apps now account for 86% of the time spent on mobile devices, replacing web browsers as the main entrance to the Internet. In a marketing perspective, that means a unique opportunity to build deeper relationships with customers.

Create an optimal experience

If a customer has to go through a lot of steps before using  an app then the chances of abandoning an app increase. Apps should have a simple account creation procedure i.e. reducing sign-up steps. Teach through action for educating the user as he/she goes through initial app start-up steps. Your focus should not be to just get the consumer to open up your app but also make sure that the experience of opening the app is amazing. App analytics should be used to find out what features are more valuable to your customers and plan activities accordingly whether you want to grow transactions or time spent in-app. As the reasons people abandon an app is because they are confused about how to use it or lack of relevance in their life. For brands to reap financial rewards, they must approach app development in a way that helps consumers achieve a goal in their lives.

Personalization for real time engagement

Most mobile apps have push notification feature which help to enrich shopping experience for consumers and a constant reminder that they have downloaded your app. The promotion alerts in categories they have browsed previously, makes them more engaged with an app as they are updated about any relevant future opportunities. App downloads which offer discounts always delights a customer, increases downloads and boosts brand loyalty. In-app messaging is proven to increase engagement by 26%. About 65% of users return to the app within a month, if push notifications are enabled.

Make your app content shareable

Users spend most of their time on social networks so making sure that all content on a mobile app is shareable which converts the users into active and loyal participants. This helps to create online communities and generates word of mouth for your brand on social media. Sharing has allowed a wide number of people to share their products online and gain a large audience to go through their app when required.

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