Digital Age Business: What it takes to sell your product



In the last few years the entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan has been on the rise. The interesting thing is that the trend of rising entrepreneurship continues despite the growing political challenges and unstable business culture.

The government is playing it’s part in the promotion of startup culture in Pakistan, they have recently launched a program to provide loan to young entrepreneurs of age group 21-45 years at the rate of 8 percent markup per annum, for 100,000 beneficiaries (SMEDA, 2018).

With the rapid improvements in technology it is the need of every new and old business to cope up with the technological trends in Pakistan. Like every large business, you too must have dreamed of having a mobile app for your business, didn’t you? Looking at the current trends you’ve wanted to take your business into e-commerce as well, right?

The problem with Pakistan’s startup culture is the lack of funds available. Though the government has introduced programs but young entrepreneurs still struggle when it comes to financing their ventures getting their businesses online is a thought of the future.

Every one of you struggling entrepreneurs would agree with me on the urgent need for e-commerce/m-commerce platforms for your businesses. You’d also agree that you do not have enough finances to get these platforms build for your businesses. They’re an expensive addition to the business.

Some of you entrepreneurs may not be so tech savvy, it could be nightmare for you to get a mobile app of website built for your business. Women entrepreneurs who are running their business from home could really cash on a platform that allows them to take their businesses online but it would be a nightmare for them as well to go through the tiring process of getting these platforms built for their businesses

There is a strong need for such a platform that enables young new entrepreneurs and their ventures to take the business online and add to the economy of the country. It would be great help to the women entrepreneurs as well.

Ever wondered how simple life would be if you could get a mobile app for your business in a matter of minutes and that too at a price that you can easily afford? It would be a dream come true type scenario wouldn’t it?

Well, you’re in luck. EveryCatalog a product of CODE Informatics is a solution to the problem of getting the custom mobile app made without going through the tiring process of development. EveryCatalog is surely an awesome platform that enables businesses to create apps within a few minutes.

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