Social Barriers Hampering Women Entrepreneurs

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Since women form 48.76% of the total population of Pakistan, have you ever imagined what the economy of Pakistan would be if the women were able to add to the economy as much as men do? (Samaa TV, 2017) We are all well aware that in Pakistan, women entrepreneurs do not enjoy the same opportunities as men.

Although the women in Pakistan are slowly getting into starting their own ventures and adding to the economy this does not come without problems. Women are the ones to manage their homes as well.

Ever thought of a female having to go through the hectic exercise of starting up a venture all alone? It’s a nightmare for the ladies due to a number of discriminatory socio-cultural values and traditions.

Women have too many duties on their hands like managing the house and taking care of the family. The only option they’re left with is to run their own business from home.

Recently, Pakistan has been able to witness quite a few successful female entrepreneurs like Sabeen Mahmud (late), Sana and Safinaz and many more. (Sumaenah Rizvi, Parhlo, 2015). This has provided females and their families the courage to think about setting up their own small businesses.

What’s needed in the society is a platform that enables women to run their business successfully from the comfort of their homes while they also manage the daily duties of their families.

How many female entrepreneurs do you think start businesses with sufficient amount of capital to get their own websites and mobile apps to sell their products? Not many, right? Every new venture is short on capital.

Ever thought of a platform that would provide a custom mobile app for the businesses at a very nominal price? A platform that can help showcasing your talent in front of the entire world and can enable Mobile Commerce.

Imagine empowering women by providing them with an app that can enable them to run their new venture from the comfort of their home without being left behind in the race of business technology. It’s a dream too good to be true, right? This is where EveryCatalog a product of CODE Informatics comes in.

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