Future of Business: M-Commerce


Imagine heading off to a shopping center as soon as you get off from work, which has one to two hundred stores. You walk through the shopping center and every single store scanning for what you require, comparing costs of the product you need from ten different stores, at last, you select your required goods and pay the bill at each shop, standing in long queues waiting for your turn. Imagine doing this in all the ten shops, and then driving back home. Even the thought of this activity gives you the chills.

Now imagine shopping from ten different outlets while you sit back and relax with your family at home. This is what the customers want now, they want the ease of shopping from the comfort of their homes

The expression “m-commerce” remains for mobile commerce, and it’s the selling, purchasing, and offering of products and services on mobile gadgets. In short, it’s an entire web-based shopping module, however with all the accommodation of being on a cellphone or tablet.

Earlier, when smartphone technology was initiated, every business had to make specialized mobile sites to accommodate themselves on small screens and internet problems. No doubt, developing these sites was costly as well as time-consuming, but the worst part was their maintenance, which was extremely time-consuming and even frustrating for customers who wanted to make purchases.

With the rapid increase in the use of smartphone and tablet use, m-commerce is spreading like a plague throughout the world. Business owners are making sure to step up their game by bringing their business to m-commerce platforms and increasing their sales by a substantial amount.

With the development and ever-evolving mobile technologies, retailers have taken it as an opportunity of utilizing m-commerce. There are personalized mobile apps for shopping experience on the go, providing great offers to consumers on mobile purchases.

Mobile stores or m-commerce platforms are now turning out better than the e-commerce versions. Businesses are now more focused on making their m-commerce platforms more user-friendly and attractive.

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