The Key Reason Why Mobile Commerce Apps Fail



Mobile commerce has become the key focus of most marketers and brands are spending more time improving the in-app experience for the customer. According to a survey by, smartphone’s share of mobile commerce transactions accounts now for 60% of all mobile transactions in US alone. The key goal of most retailers with their mobile commerce solution is to increase the conversion rate of consumers buying theRead More

7 Essential Reasons to Move Your Business into Ecommerce App Market



Ecommerce Apps vs. eCommerce on web has been a hot debate among marketers. The changing face of technology and the increasing use of mobile phone has led many website supporters of eCommerce feature to believe that they should adopt eCommerce apps as to reach the customer. We have summed up the essential reasons why your business should adopt the eCommerce apps trend and have app of its own.

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Storytelling for Brands

magic open book of fantasy stories


The number of bands and marketing information in today’s time requires brands to get creative with their marketing message. A very effective way to stay relevant and current among the marketing and advertising noise is to share your brand’s story. Storytelling is a very powerful way to breathe life into your brand and create a memorable image in the customers mind.Here are a few ways we have found to be very effective in storytellingRead More

Translating Visitors into Customers with Your Ecommerce App


A huge challenge for marketers in the current marketing landscape is to convert visitors into real customers of their brand. With an increasing number of eCommerce enabled apps marketers must realize the unique features of apps that translate the marketing goals into real purchase by the customer. Here is a list to help you know what makes an astounding e-commerce enabled app that can help you increase your customer base.Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Catalogs


Digital media marketing is an exciting avenue for marketers. Many growing businesses choose the option to sell online for the benefits of greater reach. Digital marketing and online selling however is not free of challenges. The greater is the reach of online sellers and competitors, the harder it is to turn the visiting customers into real buyers. On top of all these challenges, every business wants to turn a one-time shopper into a repeat customer and that requires the business to be exceptionally good at exhibiting their product and making it easier for users to go through the purchase process.

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4 Ways to Reduce Environmental Impact of Your Business


Businesses in 2016 are more challenged in terms of environmental sustainability issues than ever. Paper industry is no exception to growing concerns with the soaring numbers of deforestation rate. A large number of paper catalogs are published every year in response to marketing demands of businesses and the need to create visibility among customers through glossy colorful prints.

The large scale consumption of paper and related natural resources has raised alarms among environmental protection groups as well as several publishing companies who wish to reduce their impact on environmental degradation. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, paper products consume more than 40% of the overall industrial wood that is traded globally.

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